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Choosing Manhattanville Was A No-brainer

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly Keane, I am from Longmeadow, MA and I am a sophomore at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York.

Eleven years ago my older brother Sean became a member of the very first Manhattanville Men’s hockey team. My family and I became the first Valiant hockey fans and it continued on that way as we traveled along the east coast to games for four years. When it came time for me to look at colleges, it seemed inevitable that Manhattanville would be on my list. After witnessing how much my brother enjoyed his stay here and learning more about the close knit community the student body becomes, the small class sizes, the majors offered and its proximity to the city, choosing to further my hockey career at Manhattanville seemed like a no-brainer.

My first year here was without a doubt a transition both on the ice and off but I think it’s safe to say the feel of being a sophomore and having a year underneath my belt is definitely nice. As for our daily routine here at Mville, we are currently lifting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 and practice 5 days a week at 9:45 after the Men’s team. Second semester we switch with the Men and get the earlier ice slot, which has both its pros and cons. Our lifts with trainers Corey Crane and Jon Plato are nothing but intense and it’s often easy to spot out who the hockey players are around campus due to our incapability to walk without grimacing. After hockey practices come classes and my schedule this semester was pretty spread out, with three classes Monday and Thursday and only a night class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, thus allowing for a lot of necessary nap times. Next semester, however, is a different story. With a relaxing five day break for Thanksgiving, getting back into the grind this past Monday was difficult but I believe this week of practice has been one of the best to date, as we have all been working hard on our systems, our power play and tightening up our defensive play.

With the end of the semester winding down, the stress levels rise but it’s important we stay focused as we have three games left until break. This weekend is a big one for us in our conference as we face a much improved Castleton State team, looking to come in and take it to us and New England College, the same team who knocked us out of the playoffs in our own rink last year. With a couple months under our belt, I think the team is working well together; all doing whatever we can to enhance the play of the team as a whole. Whether it is providing support, scoring a goal, making a big save or blocking a shot, I feel as though our team has what it takes to win as each individual is buying into the team and the goals we have set for our season.

– Kelly


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