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  2. Carleton Ravens Play Exhibition Games Against CWHL Teams

Carleton Ravens Play Exhibition Games Against CWHL Teams


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I can’t believe it’s November already! Feels like just last week I was getting ready for the first week of classes. 

The past month has been full of ups and downs. Our team finished off our preseason on a good note. We played really well in our exhibition games against Western and UOIT and had a great win against Windsor. Our team systems were working well and it felt like everyone was feeling pretty good on the ice. 

We also had a couple exhibition games against CWHL teams. We played the Toronto Furies and the Montreal Stars, which was incredibly cool, as I grew up basically idolizing some of the players that are on those teams. Realistically, going into the games, a lot of us knew that it was going to be a learning experience more than anything, but we still came out hard and put up a good fight. Definitely a personal highlight for me when I had a battle against Tessa Bonhomme along the boards and came out with the puck (and a huge smile on my face).

Our first league game was on Oct. 18 against U Ottawa. Our team was pumped up and ready to go for that game, we came out flying. It seemed like we took Ottawa by surprise, which was a great start to league play. We won the game 4-2. My parents were visiting that weekend and were there for the game, which was an extra bonus.

Since that weekend, things haven’t been coming quite as easily for our team. Some things have been working for us and some things have not. Our team has a great work ethic. Everyone is committed to the team and willing to work hard, but at times we have trouble transferring that work ethic to an entire 60 minutes of a game. Obviously every team has its strengths and weaknesses and no team can play a perfect game every time they step onto the ice, but we definitely need to be more consistent on the ice. Our team does not give up easily and has plenty more to bring to the table, that much I know for sure!

School has been crazy, as expected. For the month of September, I was on a “one week super busy, one week not so bad” schedule, but now every week is just brutal! I’m trying to survive the rest of the semester on a week-by-week basis, one day at a time. This month will be extra busy with a couple LSAT training courses that I’m doing in preparation for the test, which I’m writing on December 6. Still lots of studying to do before then, that’s for sure! It’s not so bad studying for this test, as I can keep reminding myself that in order to do what I really want to in life (be a lawyer), I need to study and do well on this. I think that’s more than enough motivation to study!

Speaking of homework, there is plenty to get done before I can finally close my eyes for the night!

Until next month,


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