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Canada’s Bonhomme Blogs from 12 Nations

Our travel day Sunday evening started out quite comical. We all met at the Toronto airport before boarding our 7 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany. While waiting at our gate I figured it was a great time to try out my dad’s favourite road trip trick….The ol’ $5 on fishing line gig. Quite simple, and always good for some laughs! When at The Ohio State University, we used to always do this while killing time during delayed flights. Here is a link to one of our victims; he had a good laugh with us I’ll be sure to upload more video’s when I get the chance (please note, no one in these video’s were offended and all stuck around to watch who the next person would be).

As we got comfortable on our flight Emmanuelle Blais "Manue" noticed her seat mate almost getting a little too comfortable. No one said being a middle seat on a 7hr flight was easy, and this proved the rumour to be true!  Manue’s shoulder became her neighbors pillow and snuggle piece for the flight, and her leg room became nonexistent.  We all laughed, Manue….not so much. Especially after I told her I was supposed to be sitting next to her but changed my seat last minute in order to have an empty seat beside me to sleep 😀 Oopsies!

Our first game is today, Wednesday, Aug 24th vs Switzerland at 2pm (7am EST). I’ll be sure to post our outcome!

Please bare with my posts, as the internet is in and out here. But I promise to upload as much information as possible when it is up and running 🙂


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