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  2. Caitlin Cahow Continues To Make Positive Impact With Memorable Milestones

Caitlin Cahow Continues To Make Positive Impact With Memorable Milestones


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In what has become a memorable year for Caitlin Cahow, a pair of recent accomplishments is testament to what makes her a role model for young women. With spring representing graduation season, Cahow was adorned in graduation cap and gown, celebrating an academic milestone. Having recently completed her postgraduate studies in law school at Boston College, she is working towards a promising legal career. 

Another recent accomplishment maintains Cahow’s standing as a key figure in women’s sport. In June 2014, she was appointed to the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition along with the likes of NBA athlete Jason Collins, celebrity chef Rachael Ray and ballet dancer Misty Copeland. Through a series of partnerships ranging from public, private and non-profit, the PCFSN looks to inspire individuals ranging from all age groups and backgrounds to take on healthier and more active lives.  

This prestigious appointment follows after an earlier role this year as a member of the President Barack Obama’s delegation for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Of note, Cahow was part of the delegation that attended the closing ceremonies led by US Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns. 

Having competed as a proud member of the US national women’s team in the 2006 and 2010 editions of the Winter Games, Cahow’s presence in Sochi was significant. With the implementation of anti-gay legislation in Russia, significant concerns existed over the safety and overall treatment of the athletes, along with possible boycotts. 

During that time, Cahow showed remarkable courage and conviction by declaring her same-sex preference in an interview on national television. As a member of the delegation at Sochi (which also included Brian Boitano and Billie Jean King, two other openly gay athletes), it was a statement of solidarity by Cahow. For all the other athletes at the Games that may have been concerned over their preference, Cahow’s statement was a source of comfort, proving that people should not be afraid to be themselves, while showing the world that anti-gay legislation was not proper and that the LGBT community are worthy of equality. 

Always a leader in her hockey career (serving as the Boston Blades captain during their run to the 2013 Clarkson Cup was a legendary swan song in her glorious career which was sidelined too soon by concussion woes), she continues to be a leader off the ice. Complemented by a role as a player representative on the Canadian Women’s Hockey League Board of Directors, she has remained loyal to the sport, still making valuable contributions in the interest of positive growth. 

While her post-playing career may result in taking on different and unique roles, the remarkable skills and acumen she acquired as a remarkable hockey player have proven to be some of the most invaluable learning tools. More than just a world-class player, she is a world-class person proving there is life after hockey and that women can continue to be role models no matter what roles they take on in life. 

Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper, USA Today Sports


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