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  2. Cadettes Bond Over Colour Run and Giving Back to Community

Cadettes Bond Over Colour Run and Giving Back to Community


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Well once again I am taking forever to write another blog, but I guess it is that time again. I guess I have a lot to talk about since it has been so long. School started this year the last week of August but most of the team starts coming back to campus early to get settled in as most of us live off campus. This year we only have 4 girls living on campus, 2 seniors in the corps and 2 freshmen, this is really a small number for us. That means that 20 of my fellow teammates all live off, it’s a challenge and a maturing opportunity during our college career.

Pre season got under way the first week of September and our team chemistry was unbeatable right from the beginning. Workouts were done with our trainer and we also had ice once a week out in Montpelier as we were waiting for the ice to set in Kreitzberg arena. This year every Friday as a team at 6am we got together and did team activities and runs. Bonding like this really brought our team together and even if some were not morning people, we were all encouraging and got through them all. Team workouts have also began for our in season and we go about the buddy system to get those done efficiently.

A couple of us this pre season: Emily MacKinnon (senior), Haley Gibson (senior), myself (senior) and Shay Pavlisko (freshman) all decided to participate in The Color Run. Not having the full idea of what the color run would be like the four of us, along with another friend, drove down to Laconia, NH to participate in what is known as the happiest 5km run. Believe us it was a blast and we recommend that if anyone gets the opportunity to do it. It was an early Saturday workout but it was completely worth it and so much fun. 

One goal we had as a team this pre-season was we wanted to give back more to the community by volunteering whenever we could. On the national walk to school day, to promote healthy activity, our team assembled for 7am and we walked the Northfield students to their schools from the University. 

Well season has begun and is full underway and we started our season out again with the East/West Classic in Northfield. We took on Plattsburgh and Elmira that first weekend of November. We did not have a breakout start like we may have thought; we suffered a large loss to Plattsburgh that then fueled our fire for Elmira. We came back and pushed ourselves to come back from the loss with a victory against the defending national champions. We are going onto our 4th weekend of hockey and we have had 5 consecutive wins against, St. Mikes, Salve Regina, Elmira and a team win against Holy Cross. To us at Norwich a team win is when the entire team works hard and plays with and without the puck and everyone is working hard and working together. This coming weekend we have Castleton and NEC it is always a big weekend for league points and we are going on the road into a smaller barn. We are ready to work hard and end on a high note prior to Thanksgiving break. This season has already been going by so fast and for us 10 seniors we are taking every moment in and never giving up and we have one goal and that is to be the best team in the nation for the second time. 

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