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  2. Buffalo State Bengals Prepare For New Season

Buffalo State Bengals Prepare For New Season


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Aug. 25 marked the beginning to another school year and the beginning for a new group of girls coming to play the great sport of hockey here at Buffalo State. After a long summer full of relaxation, putting in the time at the gym and out on the ice, it’s time for team lifts and the beginning of molding a new team together. 

Being a senior and also the team captain, the pressure of making sure all of the new girls feel involved and comfortable in their new homes is definitely present. I can remember my first few weeks being a “rookie.” So many new things are thrown at you all at once and for those who have traveled miles and miles away from home they can sometimes have a harder time adjusting to all of the new changes. So, my personal goal has been to make sure all of the rookies are having a solid first few weeks of classes and also having some fun while working hard in the classroom and weight room. The other returning players on the team have been awesome as well making sure no one is being left out.  Some people’s opinion on getting a new group of girls together may be iffy, but when it comes to having a group of girls who are all here for the same purpose, it’s easy to bond. It’s now Sept. 12 and we’ve had a few team outings, we’re finishing up week number three of team lifts and have also had the opportunity to skate together. New friendships have been made and if you were put in the same room with all of us, you would be able to feel the excitement about getting onto the ice and getting the season into full swing. From the looks of it, captain’s practices will be starting very shortly and before we know it we’ll be suiting up every weekend to play some hockey. 

Looking into the future, I personally feel you’ll see the Buffalo State Women’s Hockey team with a lot more W’s than L’s, compared to last year. Just from the one skate we’ve had as a whole, there’s definitely some talent that will be brought at full force. We’re looking to kick off our season in 48 days, against Plymouth State.   

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