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Brittany Lyons Living the Dream in Austria


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I would like to start off by telling you all how awesome my teammates are. For my birthday on October 11th they told me they had a surprise for me. Not only did I get a delicious cake on my birthday at practice, but the night was unreal.   All I was told is that we were going to Vienna, and that we would be going out. When I got to my captains apartment we all started getting ready to go out.  They asked me how I wanted to get to this place. They told me we could take the train or drive because it was 50 minutes away. I was confused as to why we were going somewhere 50 minutes away, but I told them we might as well take the train. After a few drinks at the apartment we walked outside to catch the train. When I walked outside there was a white stretch limo waiting for us!!! The inside of the limo was stacked with alcohol and energy drinks for the ride!! We drove there blasting music and having the best time. When we got there I realized it was a huge club! When we walked inside they brought us to a reserved booth. At this booth there was 2 bottles in a bucket of ice with mixers all around them. We danced all night and had a great time! We had a game 2 days later against Slovenia and I scored and we won! This was the last game for two weeks because the national team was holding camps. 

On our time off we traveled around Vienna and saw the most beautiful buildings. We went to St. Stephens Cathedral, there I lit a candle for my family members that have passed away. After that we went to where the “Austrian President” lives. The building is huge with the best statues out front. The next adventure we had together was Halloween! We are not the typical girly girls who get dressed in scandalous costumes on Halloween, so we got some face paint and decided to be scary vampires haha! One of our teammates picked Felica and I up to go to a “hut”. This was a barn like building that was just used for partying. The people there were very nice and that is where we stayed until everyone was ready to go to the club! When we got to the club they had the coolest drinks with glow sticks in them! There were some really creative costumes and the night really was so much fun! 

The next day we had a game against the Salzburg Eagles. This would be our toughest game yet. We got behind early but after my roommate Felica scored her first professional goal we started to come back. I got us within one and then I scored again to send us into overtime. After two of our teammates took a penalty in OT we suffered our first loss. After the game we lined up on the blue line and instead of just paying our respects to each other there was a reward for the “Player of the Game” on both teams. I received that award for our team and was given a carry on duffle bag filled with gifts. That was awesome and totally unexpected because we had never done that before. This was also especially great because I had received a plane ticket home for Christmas and I didn’t have a duffle bag with me for a carry on and now I do! 

The next day we had to wake up at 5am to drive to Salzburg and play them again. We just didn’t have it in us and lost 3-0. That day I was asked to go play for the “Austrian Select” team in Vienna. Although dead tired of course I could not pass up that opportunity! We drove to Vienna and I got to meet the team and all the players I had been playing against all season. We lost but I got a goal and met some amazing people. 

That night some of us went out to the “Travel Shack” where people from all over the world come! We have two games this coming weekend against the same team I got in a “brawl” with and this time we play in Budapest. So I will keep you posted on that!!

As a side note:

I am so grateful for this ticket home at Christmas because I was really starting to miss home. This coming week will be my parents 27th wedding anniversary! They are high school sweethearts and have been together for a total of 37 years. They have the most beautiful relationship and I am so happy they are my parents. My little sister Brianna who was named captain of her college Field hockey, and lacrosse team was just named to the All-Conference first team. I am so proud of her and wish I could have been home for her senior night. When I get home I will be able to see my family and friends for two weeks at home and then travel to Quinnipiac to see my best friend Nicole Connery and the rest of my old team.  I will be coming back to Austria a week earlier than my roommates because my sister Brianna, my brothers Gene and Brandon, and Brandon’s girlfriend Jess will all be coming! This will be amazing because we will all be able to travel Europe together!!! So far we are planning Italy, Paris, Spain and who knows where else! They will be here for two weeks and I couldn’t be happier!!



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