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  2. Brittany Lyons and Family Travel Europe Together

Brittany Lyons and Family Travel Europe Together


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Hi everyone! Sorry for the late blog but I’ve been traveling through Europe with my siblings!

Before my Christmas break at home we had 3 very important games. We have been battling for second place and after the points we gained from those games ,we’ve accomplished it. I scored 4 the first game for my first pro hat trick . That was really exciting and a great memory. The second game was against the team we were fighting for second place with. We won that game 3-0 and I scored another hat trick for the win. That was by far my favorite game. Although that team is the most physical team we play; I love that style of play. It was right up my alley and I was having fun all game. The next day we played we won 4-1 and I scored one that game. I was so excited after that game because I was able to go home the next day! 

When I got home I spent the first 10 days with my family having the most amazing Christmas . I got to see family and friends that I have missed so much being over here. My parents were very generous this Christmas as they usually are and it was mind blowing . The next five days I spent visiting my best friend Nicky and the rest of the QU team that I was once apart of. I watched practice and realized how much I really missed it. The second of January I was back in the plane. But this time I wasn’t alone. I was flying back to Austria with my sister Brianna (which this was her first plane ride ever!) , my 2 brothers Gene and Brandon, and my brothers girlfriend Jess. We had 11 days to do as many things as possible. 

We got here in Austria on the third , and did all the little things in preparation to drive to Italy. Our first stop was Venice. It was amazing. We stayed in St. Marco , had the best pizza, went shopping ,took a night time  gondola ride and then had some drinks and went out. The next day I drove us to Rome !(driving In Rome is crazy!!) The hotel we stayed at was beautiful and in the most perfect area. We were in walking distance of everything we wanted to see. We saw the Vatican , took a tour of the Colosseum, tossed coins in the Trevi fountain , saw the Pantheon , explored the Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basillica, and the Spanish Steps.  We hadn’t planned on staying two nights in Rome but it was too beautiful not too. I have to say that the best food I have ever eaten is still my moms. The next day I had a nice 11 hour drive back to Austria haha. We were so tired but the ride was definitely worth it. So we took a day of rest and spent it in Vienna. The next morning (very early morning)  we woke up and flew to Paris 🙂 We spent another two nights in this beautiful place. Of course the number one place to go was the Eiffel Tower. It is so beautiful on the outside but even better when you get To the top. What a gorgeous view that was. We stayed up there for a while admiring Paris and looking over the city. We walked to many places in Paris including The Musee de Luvre, Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Catherdral, Arc de Triomphe, Avenue des Champs Élysées, Place de la Concorde, and Pont Neuf. We also ate delicious food. There was a shop with a man cooking outside for quick meals or you could go sit down. We chose the outside quick food and man were we happy we did so. We got delicious egg ham and cheese on a crape, all made right in front of us. For lunch we got all different things. My sister really loved the Nutella crape, and I loved the chicken and cheese on a baguette. I had to take an earlier flight home to catch my game the next day.  We won 6-2 and I had 2 goals that game. I missed playing games so coming home to play was fun for me. The next day we played the number one team and my siblings came to watch. We lost but I still scored for them:) We wanted to end there stay with a day and night in Budapest . We had been hearing so much about the hot springs that we had to find out what they were all about. In Budapest we were able to see the Chain Bridge, Fishermans Bastian, Buda Castle, and the Hungarian Parliament building. After spending the day touring these beautiful places we wanted to spend the night at the hot springs . We went to Lukacs Baths. This was the most amazing experience. We showed up and it was cold outside but the water was of course just like a hot tub. There were 3 different baths outside and then there were many different baths inside. We stayed outside most of the night, except when we were exploring. One of the pools outside had a whirlpool. I had never seen or swam in one so that was so much fun to me. As we jumped into the hottest bath fireworks began shooting off overhead. The most perfect night that could’ve been. A great send off for my siblings and a great memory for me. Having my family here was by far the greatest part of my trip in Europe so far. These memories will last me a lifetime and I’m blessed to be able to be sharing this with you all.

I would also like to say that I’m truly blessed to have a manager like Margret. She is the greatest Austrian mom I could ever ask for. She does everything for us without hesitation. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met.



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