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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Whoa! I honestly cannot believe it is already November, literally almost Christmas and I feel like we just started third year! Anyways this past month was a lot more exciting than the last. We started our season- yay, no more exhibition games-, we had our Pink in the Rink event and as you can see by the photo we intended the title to be very literal, the Ravens have been volunteering the most adorable little girls, we had reading week, a first time ever for Carleton to have a reading week in the fall, and last, but definitively not least, it was Halloween!

First off, our season, although our record is not the all time greatest right now, we started the season off with a home ice win, so I would say a pretty good home opener all and all. On top of the win, we were all wearing pink jerseys and pink socks; we even had pink stick tape! Some of the girls on the team have been personally affected by breast cancer, so we all take this month of awareness extremely seriously. Other than the Pink in the Rink event, we also had a net set up in the University Centre at Carleton, aka the busiest place on campus, so people could test their skills. Here is another funny story for you guys! I was walking from the rink to one of my classes and see in the distance, two of the rookies on our team struggling to carry the net back to the rink and avoid people along their path. Even though it looked like a struggle, they still managed to have the biggest smiles on their faces.

On to the volunteer hours that the Ravens have been putting in to help little girls learn to skate with the Learn to Play program. Every weekend, if we are not playing a game, girls from the team volunteer their time and no matter what time in the morning, help these young girls tie up their skates, walk them to the ice, then help them gather the skill to help them become amazing hockey player. 

Finally, we have reading week and Halloween. Although I wasn’t able to go home for reading week (it’s a very expensive plane ride), the girls practiced every day and we became a lot closer because of it! Halloween occurred in the middle of reading week and for the third year in a row, I was a bumblebee. I know it’s cliché and probably a little overdone, but the costume was homemade and it saves me a lot of money not buying a new costume every year! The photo below is not from this year, just wanted to give you guys an idea of what the costume looks like!

That’s all for now, see you guys in a month, Christmas!

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