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Breast Cancer Awareness Month & The Strength of Power Words

Briefly, this month les Aigles Bleues have taken the initiative to help raise breast cancer awareness for the month of October. Each girl is wearing a set of pink laces, and some other girls teams in the league have taken the initiative of "think pink" by doing their own dedication for the cause. So far we’ve seen pink laces in hockey pants, on sticks, on gloves and even on goalie pads. Other teams dedicate to the cause by having a "pink at the rink" fundraiser game. This year it has even spread out to the boys Aigle Bleus team with them taping their shin pads in pink.

Secondly, here is a definition of how strong power words can have an impact on you.

Power words are words we tell ourselves to make us mentally strong. If we whisper to our minds positive words, we will eventually believe it.

So many girl hockey players have all the talent in the world, but we forget to be the confident players we’re suppose to be. You have to stop giving into setbacks and start seeing them as a challenge instead. Start listening to your heart. Be the best person you know how to be and stop worrying so much about what other people are thinking or are doing; they are their own person and you have no control over what they decide to do or how they choose to act. Instead, focus on what YOU do right. Take the doubts they have in you and prove them all wrong. Don’t let anyones voice except your own tell you what you can do. Let the negative come in one ear and go right out the other.  Focus on the player that you are. 

Start being yourself and not the image others want you to be. Be your own player the way you feel is right. Be patient, it takes time to achieve greatness. Be humble and do not show off. Keep your attitude in check, and start living in the moment. Take it day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. And ENJOY every minute of it. You are someone incredible and capable of doing anything you choose to. We all see it in you, so start seeing it in yourself. Let go of the negative and free yourself. 

Don’t give your setbacks an inch. Fight for your beliefs and prove them all wrong. Show them what a real hockey player is. This is your sport, and no one does it better than you. Send a message that you’re here to stay and it’s going to take a lot more then a few bumps in the road to bring you down. Take up space and let them know you are here. Make them want your respect. You only have so many years to play hockey and be yourself, so why not start today? Walk in that dressing room like you’re on a mission for success. Motivate your team to push, and then push even further after that. You are strong, so be strong. Live the dream. Live YOUR dream. Take control of your future and don’t let anyone take it from you. You’ve got one dream to live, so start living it to the fullest. If setbacks come your way, don’t sit around and wait for it to fix itself. If you want something, don’t wait for it to come to you. Go out and get it. Hold your head high and represent your colours proudly. You will not fail. Try and try again until you get what you want. Do not give up on yourself. Push your limits. When everything screams at you to give up, follow the voice in your head that whispers "one more try". 

Your head can be your greatest enemy, or it can be your strongest weapon. Be mentally strong, and you will rise to any challenge. Play with your heart. Play with a purpose. Expect nothing, and take everything. Be motivated and show them what you’re made of. Focus. Concentrate. Inspire yourself and those around you. Rise to challenges. You can do it, because you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Keep pushing until you achieve it. Prove them all wrong for ever having doubt in you.  Be unstoppable. Be you. You cannot be touched unless you let them. Be motivated to do more, to be better, faster and stronger. Take them by surprise. Make them not know what hit them when you step on that ice. You are your own inspiration. Drop everything and focus on what’s important and on what you have control over. No one can do it but you. Do not hold yourself back. You are capable of greatness, now grab a hold of it and take off. Don’t let anyone stop you in achieving your dreams. There is no stress, only heart and motivation. 

Be the message you want to send. Work till it hurts to breathe. You should beg for setbacks so you can have a reason and a purpose worth fighting for. You have to have something worth fighting for in order to make it all worth it. Without purpose, what’s the point? You need it. You feed off of it. It’s what creates your ability to push your limits. 

Without you even realizing it right away, everything I have just written in these past few paragraphs are examples of power words. Motivation is what pushes us … And power words are what we need in order to obtain that motivation. If you take just twenty minutes a day, whether it’s during game day or even right before you go to bed, to visualize and say things to yourself such as written above, or even write it down on a piece of paper, the mental strength you will achieve out of it will blow your mind. 

Hope you’re inspired!

Fière d’être une Aigle Bleue,

Monika Cormier


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