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  2. Boston Terriers Will Raise Their Banners Saturday

Boston Terriers Will Raise Their Banners Saturday


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It’s a new year, a new season, and a new team. And that is exactly what we are focusing on this year.  We have to leave behind our successful run to the National Championship last year, and build anew.  We are focused on what is to come, and how to get there, rather than dwelling on the past.  Sometimes lingering on what success you’ve already had as a program can distract you from creating new success in the future.  

We will raise our banners this Saturday for our home opener, but as we watch those banners go up, they will only do one thing for this year’s team.  They will only inspire us to dig deep, battle hard, and take every inch in the pursuit of our goals.  They may stand as a reminder for everyone else of our past successes.  However, for us, they are inspiration.  They set a bar for us, a bar which we refuse to not surpass.  So in keeping with this theme of a new season and a new team, we have come up with a new team motto.  “I Am, Because We Are.” We wear it proudly on the back of our game day shirts, and it reminds us that we can only succeed because of the entire group. Anything we achieve as an individual is because of the whole teams effort.  We each have a role to fill, whatever it may be, and how we fill those roles affects the team and our success.  Good or bad, we will stick together, and every day work towards our season goals. One stride, one shot, one goal at a time.  As a team.  

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