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Boston Season Begins; Hawkins out for Season

This weekend the Blades are heading to Montreal for our first games of the 2012-2013 season.  I will not be making that trip or be playing in any games for the Blades this season.  This is not by choice.  I sustained a season ending injury at the end of last year and spent my summer trying to get healthy. After undergoing one surgery in August, a second more invasive surgery was needed last week to put my wrist back together.  One plate and 7 screws later, I’m now on the road to recovery.

When I went to the first Blades try-out before my surgery, I was telling a few of the girls what the surgery entailed.  Kate Buesser is applying to Med school in hopes of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon so she knew all about it.  I could tell she was interested so I called up my doctor and asked him if Bues could scrub in.  He said YES!  She followed my doctor around that day and watched 3-4 surgeries, ending with mine.  Hey, if someone else can gain from my pain, I’m all for it!  I must say though, it was nice to have a fellow Bladie by my side when I woke up.

Life goes on and the Blades have made great strides since last season.  We have many new faces who will add to the already talent filled team and provide a deep bench.  After watching the first try-out and an exhibition game against Northeastern, I can tell you that this team is talented and will go far.  As unfortunate as it’s going to be not to play, I can’t wait to watch these girls in action. 


Along with our new players comes our new Head Coach, Digit Murphy.  Digit has been instrumental in the advancement of women’s hockey, has had a successful coaching career and I’m beyond thrilled to watch and learn from her (she can’t cut me next year now that I’ve complimented her, right?)  

From the little time I’ve spent with the team so far this season, I can tell the camaraderie is as thick as it’s ever been.  That will only grow with the long weekend bus trips up to Canada, starting with Montreal.

This has been my long winded way of saying that I am going to take a back seat with respect to blogging on behalf of the Blades this season, but don’t worry, I’m leaving you in good hands.  Caitlin Cahow has stepped up to the plate and will be keeping you all in the loop.

Until next season,



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