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Boston College Ranked #6

Hello Everybody and Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday with family and friends.  This year our team had the day off on Thanksgiving (we usually have a morning practice) so I was able to go home for the first time since this summer.  For the players on our team that live too far away to travel home for some turkey, their families trekked to Boston to celebrate Thanksgiving, or, those whose families couldn’t make it were “adopted” into teammates’ families for the day.

After a restful (and filling!) day off, we were back at it for practice on Friday.  For those of you that haven’t been following BC, we have been enjoying some pretty big success lately and are currently ranked #6 in the country.  Women’s hockey is becoming tougher and tougher from top to bottom, and teams can’t afford to take a game off.  We have two big games coming up, one at UNH, and one home vs. Harvard before we have some time off for exams and then Christmas break.  Right now the team is really keying in on one of our team mottos: “Every shift.  Every period.   Every game.  One game at a time,” with credit going to Schaus for that one.

Although our team gets serious when it comes time to take care of business on the ice, we tend to have a lot of fun and are usually pretty laid back.  Everyone always asks about team’s pre-game rituals, so I will let you in on some of ours, which usually include a lot of laughs.  Before our off-ice warm-up many people on our team like to juggle a soccer ball.  Because we are hockey players, there is a wide range of juggling ability from those that have a future career in soccer like Kurth, to those who may or may not have taken out a tile or two in the Conte ceiling… Movs.

After a dynamic warm-up most of us head to the locker room to start getting ready for the game.  One of our favorite pre-game songs is We No Speak Americano, and four of our best dancers, Greenie, Mary, Mange, and Mother, are responsible for entertaining the crowd before every game.  Mary does a mean moonwalk in her skates, and Greenie has an impressive Irish jig, if I do say so myself.  Their dance moves always get us pumped up and ready to head out for the game relaxed, but ready to go.

We like to have fun away from the ice as well.  On Friday, we took advantage of the fact that the dorms were empty of nearly all people except us.  Brownie made a wise Black Friday investment, purchasing an oversized set of plastic bowling balls and pins from Toys R Us, that we had no choice but to set up in our hallway.  What started out as an innocent game of bowling soon turned into a full contact hockey-ish game that rivaled hotel knee-hockey games from our youth hockey careers.  Other popular activities include Wii sports tournaments, and busting moves during dance competitions using X-box Kinect Dance Central.

That’s all from me for now!  Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment!
-Regan #6


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