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  2. Boston College Attends the Stanley Cup Parade!

Boston College Attends the Stanley Cup Parade!


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Hi Everybody!

I wanted to drop in for a quick summer update.  Even though I’m on “vacation” right now, there is never a true break.  Over the summer, my teammates and I are responsible for completing a workout program, which combines weightlifting and running four times a week.  On off days, I usually do a variety of different things to work on conditioning, including swimming, at the park where I work as a lifeguard, rollerblading on an 80-mile canal that runs through Connecticut to Massachusetts, and running at our town’s football stadium.  Oh, and of course, playing hockey!

For those of you that have been living on a different planet the last month, the Boston Bruins have brought the Stanley Cup back to Boston.  I never thought I would use the words lucky and summer school in the same sentence, but the few teammates of mine who are lucky enough to be finishing summer school now, and those that live in Massachusetts were able to go to the championship parade.  To be completely honest, I am immensely jealous.  Boston has proved its status as a hockey town again, and has made me even more excited for my senior year than I could have thought possible.

Even though I missed out on the parade, my life has not been lacking entertainment these days.  A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers found a snapping turtle wandering around by one of our pools, quite far from the pond where it lives.  And, just today, a painter turtle slipped into our swimming pond for a quick swim with some very surprised kids.  It may not have been as crazy as the Stanley Cup Parade, but for me, I guess chasing turtles out of pools is going to have to cut it until I return to Boston.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer, and Happy (early) 4th of July to those that celebrate it!

Thanks for reading,

Kristin #6

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