07 January, 2019

New year, new beginnings, new opportunities and a new hockey position


2018 flew by as fast as Connor McDavid skating down the ice. 2018 had its ups and downs—this past year made me a stronger athlete and a stronger person. I had so many great memories in 2018. This year I got the amazing opportunity to become a blogger for this website! I feel that this past year I grew as a player and as a person. 

In my opinion, I’m really not a big fan of New Years. People wait for New Years to set their goals or begin living their dreams. I believe that if you want to set a goal, and if you want it badly, you should start that day. Don’t wait till a New Year to work out more or start playing your hardest. I believe that you should start today!

New Years, if you think about it is quite sad because another year is over.  I try to keep positive and always see the good that the past year brought me: that is what I want to talk about in the blog—the good that 2018 brought and I hope continues in 2019.

I started playing defense last month and I love it. I started something new when I wanted to. I didn’t set a time limit to start. I did it right away and I’m so happy that I did that. Coach came over and told me I was going to start playing defense, immediately. I was quite “shook”—just like that I was to start a new position. I must say, I am happy it happened that way because if I had time to think about it I wouldn’t have done it. It takes me a LONG time to make decisions and that is one quality I need to change, because if you procrastinate you can lose great opportunities.

I must say, I feel more determined playing defense. I feel like that’s where I belong. It makes me more comfortable on the ice.  If I waited for a new year or a new season to play defense or the option to choose, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as I do now. Take the chance whenever it’s given to you, get out of your comfort zone and learn all you can. It changes your perspective and gives you confidence. If for some reason you fall, don’t worry, you can at least say you had the courage to try it.


You have to start when you are determined and when you are ready! Keep trying new things no matter when the opportunity strikes. Don’t wait till the clock strikes 12 and the ball has dropped. You have to start today. Because today is the day that champions are made. Today is the day that you can believe in yourself and can do anything you put your mind to! I hope I gave some of you inspiration and I wish all of you a happy and Safe New Years! Let’s make 2019 the year of opportunity. See you guys next month!

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