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Bladies Take Game 2 vs. Alberta

It was a fast, physical battle, but the Blades prevailed on two acrobatic out of the air swipes from Hilary Knight and Jen Schoullis. The best part about my "job" is getting to watch my teammates in action. Every day I am blown away by their talent and determination. Today was a grind with bouncing pucks and quick transitions, but despite all that their virtuosity shone through. 

I am so proud of all of our efforts. It takes a lot to be a Bladey. Most of us work full time jobs before coming to the rink late night to hone our skills, work on team systems, or just skate ourselves into shape. We spend countless hours on buses late into the night and burn the candle at both ends every day of our lives to do what we believe in. 

We are the luckiest people on earth. We are blessed to live lives of adventure and importance for those who follow. We embrace the challenges and glories of being the first American women’s pro hockey club. We recognize that what we do is so much more important than individual performance. We carry the talisman for the future of women’s sports. It’s not about hockey, it’s about legacy. 

Can’t wait to wake up and do it again tomorrow!


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