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Bisons Prepare for 2011-2012 Season; Send Condolences to WSU

Hello blog readers! I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer. The University of Manitoba Bisons are about three months away from the start of the 2011/12 season. Although it is much appreciated to have some down time, I miss playing terribly! I also miss the “hockey family” that I am so lucky to be apart of during the winter. Can’t wait for training camp!

To help with the hockey withdrawal I am playing ball hockey, a sport I have never played until this year. It is very fun and challenging. Around ten of us Bisons play ball hockey on a few different teams. I am playing in a co-ed league, which is quite fast. We have so much fun but the games often get “rough” and we sometimes get caught up in the competition. One game myself, Becca King, and another of our teammates gathered thirty-six penalty minutes in the second half of the game alone. We led the entire league in penalty minutes for quite a while!

Another new activity I have begun this summer is coaching. I am assistant coaching a U14 girl’s summer hockey team. I really like it! It is both challenging and rewarding as well as fun. I give Jon and Rob (our Bison coaches) a lot of credit, coaching is a very large commitment and can be quite stressful at times! I plan on becoming a teacher so this is right up my alley. My sister is also on on the team so my parents are very pleased that I can drive her to all of her practices. I also get to embarrass her in front of her friends which is always a great time. All in all, I really enjoy coaching and hope to have more opportunities to coach in the future. 

Myself as well as several of my teammates are taking summer courses to help speed up our undergraduate degrees. Some of us are taking classes towards our degrees or electives. A couple of girls are taking some very difficult courses in their time off. Power to you girls!

As far as off-season training goes, everyone is making sure that they prepare their bodies for the challenges of the season that lie ahead. Some people have gym memberships, some workout at home, and some of us workout with Adrian, our Bison strength and conditioning coach. It is usually just me and Maggie Litchfield-Medd at the workouts in the grotto (our friendly old basement gym). We work hard and enjoy the Barry White playlist that somehow always comes on mid-workout. Always fun! I am excited to run the half marathon in the Manitoba Marathon this year on Father’s Day. Running is one of my favourite things to do, but I don’t have time to run during the season. I am hoping to run in sub-two hours, so hopefully that works out! 

On a different note, I would like to extend condolences from our team to the girls of Wayne State. I heard recently that their program was cut and I cannot imagine the state of shock and anger that they are in. It is truly awful to be so dedicated to something that is suddenly taken away. The only player on their team that I know is Delayne Brian, but the female hockey community is such a tight group that I really feel for all of them. I wish I could do more to help, but I have put the link to their petition below. If you have not signed it yet, please do! 

Well, that is just about all for today! Not much to report on the team front as we are all spread out across the province in our home towns. Thanks for reading.

Link to Wayne State’s Petition


The JETS are back!!!


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