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  2. Bethel University Takes Trip to Italy and Switzerland

Bethel University Takes Trip to Italy and Switzerland


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I would love to tell you about everything that we were able to witness while we were in Italy in Switzerland, but we received something that is much more meaningful and I thought I would share that to you instead. 

I was able to experience a whole new world with my lovely teammates this year! We decided to take a trip to Italy and Switzerland to play hockey. We didn’t realize what we were getting ourselves into, because we had to drive a minimum of 3 or 4 hours to go play a hockey game. It was one of the best experiences we have had, because we realized how much we love hockey. Every season, tension rises in teams and they become dis-unified. They start to lose the passion and love for the game and start to become bored. This was happening to our team, until we went to Italy and Switzerland.  We were able to witness girls who didn’t have a lot of talent, but they were smiling and having an amazing time playing the game they loved. It brought a whole new reality to us on how we have the talent but aren’t having fun. After the first game, we took a trip to Zurich, Switzerland, and as a team we went around the city and had a great time. We were able to bond more with each other, because we didn’t have our cell phones attached to our ears, all we had were each other.  This trip brought us closer to one another and has made us more of a family. Not only did we experience a whole different country, but we were able to get something out of the trip other than merchandise and candy. We received the gift of being a family and replenishing the love we have for the game. Being back from Italy and Switzerland, we hold each other accountable and have fun playing the game we love. The trip showed us we only have a few years left playing in college. Why not have fun instead of being frustrated?  Don’t be down; be happy that you get another 4 years to play a game you have been working so hard to be good in. Life has its road blocks, even in hockey teams, but you have to choose to overcome them, even if it takes a trip like we had to do so. I wouldn’t change the experience we had, because we are closer than ever. It shows me as an athlete, that I have a gift and I need to use it not for myself, but for my team, and the only way that can happen is if we have the unity that we do now. It’s a team effort, you all have to be on the same page, and that is how we are now. No matter how frustrating it gets at times, just remember that you have so many years left, have fun!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful rest of their season! 

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