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Bemidji Takes on Wisconsin In Front of 12,000 Fans!

Finally we are almost to the brink of playoff time as we head into February, the month of LOVE!  And where would we all be without the love for the game?  Let’s not find out.  This past month has been an overwhelming and restless one.  With no breaks in our schedule and starting a new semester of classes, I am staying afloat by relaxing every free minute I get. 

One of those breaks consisted of a bunch of us getting together to watch the Super Bowl that ALL of America has been anticipating since the start of the preseason for the NFL.  Who was I cheering for?  Tom Brady.  The best looking quarterback in the NFL since Brett Favre decided to retire for the 20th time.  Unfortunately the Patriots lost, but we were really only watching for the commercials and half time show anyways.  If it was the Stanley Cup, I would have been a little more heartbroken that my team lost.  That’s simply just because hockey is greater than football.

On another note, my team was able to participate in the record setting game vs. Wisconsin during their ‘Fill the Bowl’ weekend.  We had over 12,000 fans at Saturday’s game.  We lost both games in the series by one goal.  Against the number one team in the nation, we were proud of the way we played all weekend.  Something I hadn’t gotten to do since boys’ hockey was wear my equipment on the way to the rink!  There was a basketball game at the Kohl Center so we got dressed and drove to the Shell for practice Thursday night.  We decided to capture the moment with a quick photo shoot on the bus. 

As much as we are looking forward to seeing how the end of the season pans out, we never want the season to end.  Hopefully we can stay healthy and fresh for the end of the season to carry ourselves as far as we can!


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