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Bemidji Beavers Wear Purple in Honour of DIFD

It was the second annual DIFD (Do It for Daron) day where everyone wears purple in awareness for Youth Mental Health Awareness.  She was a 14 year old girl who took her own life two years ago.  Our teammate has a sister who was a good friend of Daron’s so we all wore purple for the second year in a row.  I guess I should get back to hockey talk.  After six long months of grueling training, practices, and games our season has come to an end.  We lost to UND in playoffs; unable to create any offense. 

The only thing good that comes out of the season ending is getting to enjoy Spring Break.  Some of the team traveled to Florida, some to Montana, and most of us headed home for some rest and relaxation before spring training.  How am I spending my break?   I am watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy while attempting to catch up on two months of homework that I put off during season and spending time with our family dog, Charlie.  We found him last Christmas Eve outside in the freezing cold and took him into our home.  I am also looking for a part-time job so I can enjoy the lake near campus all summer long; work on my tan.  When I say tan, I mean burn, as I am a red-head with fair skin so sunscreen is my savior in the summer time. 

Other than that nothing exciting happens now that the season is over.  We are in that phase of saying goodbye to our seniors and preparing for my next and final year as a Beaver!  We plan on spending our free time sledding, playing hockey on the lake, and building snow forts.  Now we have snow and the time to enjoy it.  


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