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Becky Conroy Finishes Season in Austria; Spends St. Patty’s Day in Dublin

The hockey season has come and gone much faster than I thought it would. Our team needed a top 3 finish in order to please some of the team’s investors and we were able to rally at our final four and take the bronze medal. We lost in the semi finals to Vienna, who proved to be our biggest obstacle all season. In the bronze medal game we faced Bozen, Italy and the team played 3 good periods of hockey to win it. On the ice we all came together and the entire team was finally able to all go out and celebrate together. (some of the girls travel to games and we weren’t always all in Salzburg) 

My last night out with the team was amazing, just like in Canada we partied as hard as we played. 

One of the best parts about playing here was how easy it was to travel. Not only did I get to travel from country to country with the team, but weekend trips were easy and affordable. I spent my last month traveling around with my siblings who are studying in England. My first stop was Leicester where I traded hockey for bowling, my brother’s new obsession, and just relaxed. Although hockey wasn’t as time consuming as it is back home it was still nice to just relax with family. It was also weird to understand everything everyone around me was saying unlike in Austria, although I did learn a lot of German hockey terms. 

After England we spent St-Patty’s day in Dublin. This is something I would suggest to do at least once in your life. It was crazy and I think the tourists actually outnumbered the Irish. We spent a weekend in pubs, dressed in green and drinking Guinness. There was also a parade that I didn’t quite understand, some of the outfits had nothing to do with St-Patty’s but it seemed that everyone had had a few beers at least so I guess that was the theme in the end. 

After Dublin I returned to England and spent my time relaxing with my brother and sister. The season really did fly by a lot faster than I realized. After a week in England I met a friend from home in Ibiza for an all inclusive. It was the perfect way to end my European trip by spending a week sitting by a pool drinking beer from Spain. 

I realized how many trips and adventures I was able to embark on because of the opportunity to play hockey in Austria. I really loved it. The girls were great and really made living in a foreign country a lot easier than if I had just traveled over by myself. The language barrier was definitely something to get used to, but luckily hockey provided me with a number of translators when needed! 

For anyone finishing their university career or just wondering where to play next I would definitely suggest going to Europe and using this site. Not only did Jaclyn provide me with contacts for hockey but was there for advice whenever there were issues either adjusting to the new country or the new team. 

Thanks for the opportunity! This is something I will never forget! 



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