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Battle of the Huskies; Hockey East Heats Up

Well, let’s just say we did not have our best game against BU on the 16th of October. We ended up losing to the terriers 4-1. It was different having a game in the middle of the week since we are used to playing on the weekends. We had the following Wednesday off, but the next few days consisted of school, lift, and practice. 

After the BU game, we did not play another game for ten days. It was a long week of training and conditioning. On ice testing happened in this gap. The test consisted of skating from goal line to the first blue line (there and back seven times) as fast as you can. Once everybody completed the test once, that just meant that it was time for round two. Everybody showed great effort and left it all on the ice! Another week elapsed, which brought us to the game against Robert Morris. The final score was a 3-3 tie. We bounced back the next day to battle against the Maine Black bears. They put up a good fight, but we fought back even harder and won 3-0. Sunday was off, so it was a perfect time to catch up our schoolwork and social life. We hosted a few recruits over the weekends, so some of the girls showed the future Huskies what it is like to be a student at Northeastern. Another year of Halloween came and went, but the pups were able to dress up and have a good time. One was a whoopie cushion, a couple girls were hippies, and a few were even army girls. It was nice to have a little fun outside of the arena. 

As October ends and November begins, the pups are starting to feel tired and worn down, and injuries start to develop. On the 2nd of November we load the bus again for the first time in awhile and drive to Connecticut to have a battle of the better Husky. We had an away game against UCONN on Friday and beat the Huskies 5-1. After the game, we loaded the bus and drove back to the city. The following day, we hosted UCONN at home and got another win with the score of 9-1. Another week passes and I am happy to write that two of our pups were fortunate enough to travel to Finland with team USA to compete in the four nations tournament. Paige Savage, Kendall Coyne, and the rest of the team defeated Canada in the Championship game. They missed our two home games against UVM, but our team showed heart and pride as we won 4-1 and tied 4-4 with a short bench. As the team welcomes the two back, it’s time to prepare to face our Boston rivals. We are home and home with Boston College this upcoming weekend, so I look forward to seeing you all there! As for now, it’s time for treatment, so more updates to come. Rolex Replica


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