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  2. Balancing Athletics with Academics at Boarding School

Balancing Athletics with Academics at Boarding School


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It’s that time of year again, when all the hockey players out there are hitting the ice bright and early, and training like its no ones business. To some, this sounds crazy. But to a lot of girls, this is how we live our life. The marking of a new hockey season means the same to us as New Years’ Day. We are setting new goals and meeting new people, and all around making ourselves better than we were last year. 

So this year I am attending NSA. Now that I’m past the stage of pre-season on and off ice tests, my teammates and I are becoming familiar with each other and how we play with each other. But that comes easy. I mean, when you attend a boarding school, you realize that you are skating, training, eating, sleeping, learning and, of course, chatting, with all the same people along the way. I have to say that since I started playing on a team with girls, I have learned that a huge role to success is chemistry. I have to say that once you get to the point where you are comfortable with your team, you will enjoy playing the game that much more.

Another aspect of boarding school that is so important is the balance of athletics and academics. I know this is clichéd, but it’s really true. My athletics and academics used to be polar opposites from each other. I had a hockey world, and a school world, where I had different friends and did different things. This year I took the step into a life in which two previous worlds were combined. Now my teammates are my classmates and my coaches are my teachers. It’s such a great thing, too. I can go to anyone about anything because we are all in this together. 

On the hockey side of things, we have played up to now about 16+ games. Our young team is quickly learning how to compete against these older girls in the JWHL. Of course, everyone wishes they could win every game, but I guess in reality that isn’t what is important. Playing with these older girls is truly an opportunity for me. So, yeah, I’ll be the one to make a mistake out on the ice at an inconvenient moment and, you know what, I won’t be happy about it. But it’s all part of the experience.

So although our team has just scratched the surface of our long season, I can already say that our unity and dedication will push our team to the top.

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