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  2. Back At It In Lugano, Switzerland for 2015

Back At It In Lugano, Switzerland for 2015


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Ciao Everyone!

I know it’s been a while but life gets a little hectic during the holidays. Let’s see if I can fill you guys in. 

So our last game before break was against our big rival, Zurich. We always have some pretty intense games against them and this one was no exception. Both of us went back and forth the whole game but unfortunately Zurich came out on top with a 7-6 win. Sounds more like a baseball score, right? Anyway, after that it was time for the 15 hour flight back to Southern California for the holidays. I was able to enjoy some quality time with my family for about 10 days before I headed back East. I decided to make a quick stop in Boston to visit some friends and I must say…I do not miss that cold weather AT ALL. We’re lucky here in Lugano because the weather is very mild. Boston is a totally different story. Wow, it was cold and it’s not getting warmer there. 

After all of the fun it was time to head back to Switzerland and finish out the regular season. Surprisingly, we only had 4 regular season games left. Finishing a hockey season in January was definitely something new for me. We closed out the season against Zurich of course. This time though we got sweet revenge. We were able to tie up the game with just a few minutes left and then win it in overtime. Pretty exciting, huh? Okay, well I don’t know about you guys but we were excited. That win also gave us first place which is always pretty cool. 

Now we’re spending our time preparing for the first round of playoffs, starting this weekend :), and then Euro Cup Finals next week in Finland. We’ve got some fun times ahead of us. 

After our regular season finished up we had a couple of weekends off so that meant time to travel. The other weekend was just a quick trip to Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria. This past weekend was a nice 4 day trip to Budapest, Hungary. The city really surprised me. There’s plenty to do/see there and the city is beautiful at night. It’s called "Paris of the East" for the way the city lights up at night. See, you learn something new everyday. 


It’s officially time to get back to work though. We have some big games coming up so wish us luck. Hopefully we have some awesome news to report. 

Until next time!

– Alyssa

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