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Rhonda Leeman Taylor

I was one of the founding pioneers of women’s hockey in Canada, as it was reborn in the early 1980s. I was a founding member of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA), and the first female to sit on Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors, where I fought and won the right to hold the first vote for a woman on the council. I was also the first director of the Female Council, now a subset of Hockey Canada. In 1982, I was Chair Organizer of the first Women’s Canadian National Hockey Tournament. This tournament was a turning point for Women’s Hockey, as it changed the stigma against female hockey players, empowered young girls to partake openly in the sport they loved, and gave elite women a chance to vie for a national title like the men. In 1983 I persuaded nine of the ten members of the Female Council to agree to eliminate body contact from the women’s game in Canada (a policy which would eventually spread to women’s and men’s leagues across the globe), making the game safer for everyone.

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