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At A Game, A Team, But Elsewhere, A Family

In any sport you form a bond with your teammates, but hockey is so much more than just a slight bond that you forget about the next year. In this amazing sport we have countless hours in between games to just chill and share stories, laugh and become more than just friends. You become a VERY large family as said by my coach “a band of sisters that will not stop till they have brought home the gold”. This is something I live by day to day since I play for two teams. 

My high school team, Shrewsbury Girls Varsity Ice Hockey, is Division 1 so as you can imagine there is nonstop practices, pasta parties, and of course the stressful games! But, to avoid the stress of a busy schedule we all find some time to just chill out and have fun. Our Assistant Captain Jennie Baker came up with a great idea to get pumped up before a game, DANCE PARTY!! We all moved our bags onto the dressing benches and turned the music on full blast and just had fun, which in the end not only gave us more bonding time but also got us fired up before the game without the normal boring warm up run. The night before almost every game we have a pasta party at a players house, we fuel up on pasta and funny stories to fill the night and get us ready before the big game.  We don’t just talk about cute boys and our favorite music, we also talk about how we can improve our team play and motivation on and off the ice. We talk about plays and rushing the puck as well as team spirit and conduct. By now, half way through the season, we all know each other very well and so we know how to motivate each other which is very important. I know that if I am angry in the middle of the game because of a bad call or a player injury I don’t play well, two of my fellow players Katie and Haley will say “you are losing it Karlie, calm the hell down and focus on the game”, which brings me back to the play and helps me perform to my peak. All I am trying to stress is the importance of having a healthy team moral and respect for everyone even sometimes the other team ?

Till next month, get off the computer and get on the ice!


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