Women's Hockey Life Announces Launch of WHL Camps

Ottawa, ON, Canada  (May 24, 2018) —
Women’s Hockey Life is excited to announce the launch of their newest branch, WHL Camps.

WHL Camps is dedicated to skill development, guidance, and fostering a love for the game in female hockey players of all ages and skill levels. The camps will range from elite prep camps for NCAA and U SPORTS hopefuls to camps dedicated to beginner players of all ages.

President and Founder of Women’s Hockey Life and its subsequent branches, Jaclyn Hawkins, describes the basis of WHL Camps: “Yes, we will develop their technical and tactical skills on the ice, but we will also teach them about nutrition, strength and conditioning, and how to improve their mental side of the game. We want every player who leaves our camps to have a better understanding of who they are as a player, who they can become, and a game plan to achieve their goals moving forward.”

The inaugural WHL Camp will take place in Ottawa, Ontario between July 31 and August 1, and will be an elite prep camp led by former professional players and coaches, Jaclyn Hawkins and Nicole Latreille. This camp will be dedicated to advancing and preparing female athletes for commitment to an NCAA or U SPORTS team. The 40 participants will be given the opportunity to train with experienced professionals in three settings: on-ice, off-ice and in a lecture-style classroom. Players will take away athletic portfolio components such as skills and development progress reports, professionally made video diaries, and connections to varsity coaches all over North America.

“The ultimate goal of this camp is to provide a learning platform for these athletes. We are targeting elite level females that want to elevate their game to a high performance level. The goal here is to fine tune their skills to get them to that and to provide a platform for them to achieve their goals,” said Nicole Latreille, Director of Camps.

For more information on WHL Camps or to register for the inaugural camp, visit www.WHLCamps.com


Jaclyn Hawkins

President & Founder, Women’s Hockey Life


Nicole Latreille

Director of Camps, WHL Camps



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