First Women's Para Ice Hockey World Cup Announced

Women’s para ice hockey players around the world are taking their sport to the next level with the Women’s Para Ice Hockey World Cup to be held in May 2018.

The Agitos Foundation is providing funding to support the development and growth of women’s para ice hockey. This exciting tournament for both elite and developing teams will bring together players and coaches from countries across the world including Great Britain, USA, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Australia, and Armenia. It will be the first time women from this many countries will come together in competition.

As well as the tournaments, which will be played in a round-robin format, participants will have the opportunity for additional training and development sessions on and off the ice. The event also serves to provide a networking and supporting environment for players, coaches and volunteers who are new to the sport.

Prior international women’s para ice hockey events have included the IPC Ice Sledge Hockey International Women’s Cup in 2014, the Women’s World Ice Sledge Hockey Festival in 2016, and the Women’s Para Ice Hockey Development Camp in 2017 which have all been very successful in progressing the sport and increasing participation world-wide.

The Women’s Para Ice Hockey World Cup in 2018 is the next step in advancing women’s para ice hockey, in line with the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) development strategy for the sport, with the goal of a major multi-nation Women’s Championships in 2019 and inclusion in future Winter Paralympic Games.

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