Stances On Face Protection In Women’s Hockey

As women we have two choices if we want to play. The cage or the mask and each can have benefits but I will give my position on all forms of face protection including having nothing on the face.

·         There is this thing called self-preservation that leaves you the moment you decided to stand up on a thin piece of steel, running around like a marathon runner while having the risk of being hit from players, sticks, and pucks. All of this is concerns for our safety but I know my risk for injury just like every other hockey player and I refuse to be one of those delicate wall flowers who cannot stand a little action.

·         The Face Cage

o   The face cage is one of the options female hockey players have on the ice. It can leave some holes for vision and not quite that strong for hits. This is ideal if you wear glasses in the ice and you want to breathe the most. This is also nice if you need your water on the bench without having to lift the face piece.

·         The Shield

o   The shield is basically a windshield that traps the heat and fogs up. This does offer the most protection and visibility but you will lack the comfort. It is not ideal if you need to drink frequently on the bench or if you need to wear glasses.

·          Half Shield/Half Cage Combo

This option will have your eyes protected but your mouth and nose area will have the cage. This option is safe and more comfortable. I always recommend wearing a mouth guard with no matter what face protection you choose. This is the closest women can get to wearing a visor.

·         The Visor

The visor is forbidden for women over “safety” issues, we all know the risks. This will have good vision and full breathability. If I could wear this during a game, I would.

·         No Face Protection

Early women’s hockey had no protection for the face and head. We played for years without being fully covered and we lived to tell the tale. This would have the most risk for injury.

The story here is if you are over eighteen, let us make our own choice for what we want to wear on our faces. If you play hockey, you are well aware with the risks you have to take and the outcomes of all of the risks.

Sabrebrat says:
13 November, 2014 at 12:25 PM
I totally get where you are coming from in terms of letting players choose for themselves the kind of protection they want to wear. But sometimes people need to be saved from themselves. I think unless you are getting paid to play, all players (male & female) should be forced to wear full protection. I currently wear a full cage, but did wear just a visor for almost 8 years of co-ed hockey. In the end I switched back to a full cage after taking several sticks to the chin and cheek. You may be the safest, most careful player out there, but it just takes one second for a mistake to cause serious damage. I'm not a delicate flower by any means, but I try to be sensible when it comes to on-ice protection.

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