A Review Of The Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Bag

There was one large incentive for me to switch from the traditional duffle bag that you carry to a wheeled bag; the twenty pounds worth of weight and bad rink parking. At the recommendations from a few of my teammates, I bought the Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Bag. The first thing that I noticed was its light weight and design that would make air plane travel with your gear easier without having to worry about all of the straps. There is a space for your stick that will keep your stick still in car travel but I would still recommend a separate stick bag for air or bus travel to be safe. 

Secondly, for all of the neat freaks and organization hobbyists; there is a spot for everything that you need to carry with you. It even has a few extra features like a mat to stand on instead of having to keep a separate towel in your bag. There is also a wet/dry bag to keep your wet gear separated. Even for the women who use a mix of intermediate/junior gear; buy the senior sized bag.

Once you remove all of your gear after you are done, the tower dries nicely and cleans nicely so there is a low worry of the toxic hockey bag smell. The Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Bag comes in several colors to suit all tastes and you might be able to match your team colors if desired. 

Now, for the cons of the Grit HTSE Hockey Tower Bag and there are a few. First is the price. The tower is one of the more expensive wheeled bags out there and it cannot be found in most pro-shops easily. You most likely will have to order online to get the color that you want. The “all terrain wheels” did not like the snowy/slushy/icy parking lot at my rink this past winter and jammed easily which defeated the purpose of a wheeled hockey bag. 


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