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Anna Fiegert Receives Full Scholarship to MN State

A few weeks went by for me here at Scanlon Creek Hockey Acadamy. I can only say again and again that it never gets boring. This time I actually have exciting news I am very proud of! I am committed at Minnesota State University of Mankato on a full scholarship. After watching me play in Detroit at the Bauer Invitational tournament and at an exhibition game against Trinity College they offered me to play for them at MNSU. 

I’m so excited and can’t even explain with words how I feel. This is just one of my biggest dreams that just came true. It just feels so good, knowing that all the effort I’ve ever put into my passion finally paid off and I can actually live my dream:  Playing Division 1 hockey in the United States for a great team at an awesome University. 

The tournament last weekend gave me the best opportunity to see where I stand right now and how I can compete at the highest level of hockey in Canada and USA. We started our tournament weekend with an exhibition game against University of Toronto. After a great lunch at Roses family’s restaurant and a tour through the campus of University of Toronto. Unfortunately this game went not too good for us, but at the same time it was kind of a good thing because it was a wake-up call for us to be ready for the huge tournament coming up. It was a great experience to be in this tournament and the best thing was that we did really well. Our coaches were very content with the results and so were we as a team. We also had the opportunity to play one of these games at the Aud, the home of the Kitchener Rangers, which was a big honor for us.

I had to leave my team early at the 11th of December for a four nation’s tournament in Sweden, where I am right now. During this weekend we play against Finland, Sweden and Russia, which gives me a chance to see my improvements on the international level. It’s great to see all my friends and of course my family at home again. I must admit that I miss my team back there in Canada already though. 

Highlight for me was of course my commitment at the MNSU. I’m looking forward to my time in University!

For now I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your time with your family and friends, that’s the most important thing to have in life.


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