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An Adventure to Iceland to Play Hockey!

I am going to Iceland to play hockey! I still amazes me when I run that thought through my head. 

Just to set the scene, I am a person who had never been on a plane until I was 45. Never played hockey or skated until age 48. And now…Iceland!  

Part of me is  panicking wildly with thoughts of "I need to improve my hockey skills! How can I learn to skate faster? Carry the puck!"  Because in one little corner of my mind, I know I’m just not a good enough player to go to Iceland!  Luckily, I can push those worries aside and set free these thoughts! 

I have been asked to join a team of amazing women. We are traveling to Iceland and every one of my team mates are fun, encouraging and just a little bit crazy. Oh, and they all play hockey. 

Thank you, Captain MJ, for asking me to be a Griffin! 


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