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Amsterdam Today, Greece Tomorrow

Another month has come and gone. Before we know it, Christmas time!!  This last month has been pretty exciting all around.  We started practicing with a boys team in Burgdorf.  So, that puts us on the ice 2 more times a week.  We actually practice outside sometimes with them and last night it was raining a little while we were skating- never experienced that before 🙂

Just recently we went to Lugano for the first time this season. It’s roughly a 3.5 hour bus ride. I remember being in college and not being too excited about sitting on a bus for a few hours but this is a totally different experience. The view alone made the entire ride fly by. I honestly sat in my seat with my ipod on and just looked out the window taking everything in and looked in amazement at the Swiss Alps. It’s a nice reminder of how fortunate I am to be here and experience the beauty of different parts of the world. We ended up losing 7-2, which made the bus ride home feel a little longer, haha. We also played Bomo Thun recently and were able to pull of a victory. Their home rink is partially outside as well and while sitting on the bench during the game you have an amazing view of a castle just outside the rink. We also faced off against Rapperswil this past month and achieved another win. It was a great game minus one little scare. A girl on our team was hit in the jaw by the puck and it sliced her jaw open. She was smart about it and went straight to the bench. Later, we found out she broke her jaw and had to get surgery. She’s pretty tough though and was there to support us at our next game a week later. Wishing you a speedy recovery Anita!!

There is a festival that happens in Madiswil, a town just outside of Langenthal and our team had set up a raclette restaurant. Jenna, Cyndy, Jess, and I had to work for a few hours during the weekend. Again, the smell initially made my stomach weezy but after being in there for a little bit, you get use to it and it goes away. I’m also becoming a fan of raclette. I actually found myself snacking on it here and there, along with Jess’s dad, haha!

With a few days off, Kelly Paton, who is playing in Zurich for the ZSC Lions, and I took a 3 day trip to Amsterdam. It is by far my favorite city so far. The people, atmosphere and sites are all just unreal! It was “different” and that made it worth while. We visited the Van Gogh museum, the Anne Frank house (my personal favorite), The Red Light District, and even caught a Boyce Avenue Concert!! All in 3 days! It was such an easy city to navigate through, well, as long as you keep your eyes peeled for bikers … they are everywhere!!

Right now I’m in the middle of getting my things together to go visit Athens, Greece! I’m so pumped! Sarah Murray (sweater kitten lol) who I played with at UMD will be my travel buddy this trip! Sarah is playing for Lugano here in Switzerland. We are going from November 11th to the 15th and will take advantage of every minute there! I am leaving tonight for Lugano on the train. It’s about a 3.5 hr train ride. I have a train pass which allows me to ride the train for free after 7. So, I will get into Lugano a little late, but saving a couple of bucks in the process 🙂 November 11th, we are taking a bus to Milan, Italy and flying out of there. I will be sure to write about the trip in my next blog entry!!

Hello to all my friends and family!! Miss you all very much!! “kitty kat” haha

Bon Voyage!


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