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Ammerman and Her Badgers Continue to Give Back and Inspire


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Hello all! 

Wow – a lot has happened in the past month since my last entry! I think I will stick to the theme of “Badgers Give Back” because that consumes a lot of my time and our team’s time as well. But before delving into what volunteering we have been up to, I will recap our season thus far. 

Our exhibition against Team Japan at the end of September resulted in a very fun few days leading up to game day. On the Saturday before our game, we were introduced at the Badger football game versus Purdue. Team Japan joined us on the field – it was their first time experiencing the sport of football! And, in every picture they held up the “W” with their hands. It was a unique experience for everyone involved. We played them on Monday, September 23rd, and took a 3-0 win. They were a very good team and extremely hard working. We wish them the best in Russia!

A couple of weeks later we opened WCHA play against Minnesota State at home and came away with a sweep over the weekend. It was a fun weekend playing at home and our team got better each period. It was especially sweet for me to be back on the ice exactly one year after my injury and being so warmly welcomed back by our amazing fans! This past weekend we traveled up to Minneapolis to play the Gophers. Unfortunately, the puck did not bounce the way we wanted and we came away empty-handed in the wins department. But we definitely learned a lot about our team and grew each period. We are looking forward to going to work against St. Cloud State this weekend back in Madison!

I want to give a special shout-out to the Chicago Young Americans 12U girls’ hockey team! After our second game versus Minnesota State, our team was able to meet these amazing girls! Many pictures were taken and some funny things were said. When leaving the rink, some of the girls on the team saw me getting on my moped and came up and surrounded me. One of them asked, “How do you carry luggage on that thing?” All I could do was laugh – they were so cute. They clearly love the game and enjoy being around one another. Watch out girls, I am coming to a game or practice in November to give back to you for coming to our game! I hope you’re in shape because I am planning on skating you hard! JUST KIDDING!!!

Since I last posted, we have been busy with exams, practice, and volunteer work!  On the last Sunday of September, I spent 12 hours walking and volunteering at the Globe-a-Thon Walk around Madison’s capitol square. This walk was intended to raise awareness for women’s cancers and to help end women’s cancers. It took place in over 60 other countries and lasted 12 hours in Madison, 24 hours in some other cities! As I mentioned in my previous post, I shadow a gynecologic oncologist surgeon every Monday and am very passionate for women’s health. This was a great opportunity to show my support and help in the fight against cancer! The University of Wisconsin wrote an amazing article about my participation in the Globe-a-Thon and advocacy for women’s health; here is the link

Blayre Turnbull, Madison Packer, Katy Josephs, and I have been religiously visiting the senior home in Madison and playing cards, working on puzzles, and talking with the amazing senior citizens. It is amazing to hear their stories and what they have done over their extended lifetimes! Last night, Blayre and I played Uno for over an hour with some of the women. Unfortunately, neither of us won a game. (We weren’t too happy about it, as you can imagine with our competitive nature!) Many of the members of the senior home are adamant about attending one of our games so we are currently planning on getting them to a Friday afternoon game! While we were spending time at the senior home, a few of our other teammates were at the Ronald McDonald house carving pumpkins with children. I am pleased to announce that no injuries were suffered from the act of carving! 

Our team has also been enjoying our time together and taking part in many team-bonding activities. We all went to play paintball one Saturday morning off-campus, have watched Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal in the locker room together each Thursday, and some of us have been cooking small team dinners on Sunday nights. We are looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal tomorrow night (I always ask “how can I become Meredith Grey?”), our games Friday and Saturday, and attending the outdoor haunted house in Madison possibly on Saturday evening! Those pumpkin spice lattes are still a team favorite and I imagine will continue to be through Thanksgiving! I wish I could write more but I have a take-home exam to finish and practice to hurry off to. Until next time…#beGREAT

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