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Ambroz Living It Up in Prague, Czech Republic

Since the Vienna tournament I have been able to spend some good time in Prague. We have just been playing league games on the weekends and are still undefeated. We had a weekend off of games because the Czech National team had a tournament. Most of our team is on the national team and I was very excited that the girls took first place! The tournament was exhibition but was important because they are playing teams they will be competing against for Olympic qualifiers. My close friend and former teammate, Jenny Harss, plays for Germany who took a close second in the tournament. I want to try and see the next game the two teams play because they are always tight.

While the girls were gone we had visitors. Mary and Jessica (who play for Memmingen) came to visit last weekend. It was so fun for Andrea and I to show them the city! They loved Prague with a highlight being the Lennon Wall! Touring the city with new people makes me love it even more. I will be meeting up with the girls again in December. We are going to stay in Munich for a couple days since we didn’t get a chance to explore the city over Oktoberfest. 

Thanksgiving was yesterday so happy belated turkey day! Molly and I spent it with ourteammate Sam and her family. Her family is awesome and it was so nice to be welcomed in on the holidays.  They have really taken us in and it feels good to have a family connection over here. 

Our Czech teammate, Micha, also joined us for her first thanksgiving experience! The food was amazing and when Micha said she was way too full I told her that was normal on this holiday. Sams aunt,

 uncle, cousin, and grandmother were also there. They are all American and have been living in the Czech Republic for years. Sam and her brother attend an international school in Prague that she showed us. There are people from 27 different countries that attend the school. Sam’s aunt mentioned that it is a great experience because the kids grow up learning different is considered normal. For example, all of the kids bring completely different snacks, but that is normal for them to see. 

Sam’s mom also teaches a kickboxing class that we attended. It was very hard but fun and a great workout. We are now joining a kickboxing gym that she is at. This will be a perfect way to stay active on our days off from hockey! So, a big thank you to Sam and your family for all you have done for us! 

Coming up next is Finland! We leave December 6th and must get first or second to reach the next round. 



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