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Ambroz and Friends Experience Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Time is flying by in Prague as I knew it would! Hockey is going great with us being undefeated in our league. I find myself adjusted to systems here and routines at the rink that were different at first, such as, long runs for parts of warm up. Getting around the city and grocery shopping also are becoming easy to me.

Our trip to Germany was great and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that Oktoberfest was amazing!!! Andrea and I headed to Germany on Friday. Our first night was spent in Memmingen where 2 of her former Boston College teammates play. We were suppose to to take a cab to the rink to meet the girls. However, Andrea and I got lost finding ourselves at a fire department that was celebrating Oktoberfest asking for directions. A fireman in a lederhosen ended up giving us a ride to the rink in one of the trucks! We then met the girls and there team who were so nice. We watched the mens team in the fourth league play that night. The next day 12 of us girls dressed up in our authentic dirndls and headed to Oktoberfest. This was one of the best experiences I have had. It was set up like the state fair with tons of rides and stands for food. In order to get beer you have to be in one of the tents or at a beer garden. This can be hard because there are so many reservations already made. We ended up getting into a tent for the first half of the day and then spent the night in a beer garden. There were people everywhere having a good time. Loved it! On Sunday I headed to Augsburg to see my former teammate Jenny Harrss. She took me to a first league mens hockey game. It was fun to see both a fourth and first tear team play on my trip. What was crazy about the game Jenny took me to was it was the home opener for the boys and their rink was still under renovation. It was literally missing a wall so you could see right outside. The ice was put in the day before the game but I have no idea how it stayed nice for the whole game. The fans at the game were crazy, constantly chanting and cheering. I loved it! It was so good to spend time with Jenny, attend Oktoberfest, meet the Memmingen girls and see a little bit more of Germany. We didn’t do a ton of touristy things on our trip but I plan on coming back to Germany before I head home.

As for touristy stuff in Prague, Andrea and I went to the Swan Lake Ballet at the State Opera House in Prague. The venue was absolutely amazing and made the ballet even that much better! It was very artistic and I loved being in such an old building. The ballet itself was so good. The things the performers could do amazed me and put me to shame as far as how athletic I thought I was. As for trying new food one of our teammates mom brought us what would translate to english as "beef tar tar". It was raw (yes I said RAW) beef with onion and garlic on garlic toast. Andrea, Molly, and I were very hesitant to try it. The thought of raw beef did not sound appealing to me especially after a game. However, we had said we were going to try everything so we sucked it up and gave it a whirl. It was very tasty but my breath stunk for days after one piece.

Next adventure will be with the team! We have a tournament in Vienna in a week! I am very excited to play teams from other countries and to see a new city! I will blog again after the tournament 🙂

Thanks for reading…Ajoh!


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