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Alberta Pandas End Season Fighting for 5th

Well, unfortunately we didn’t achieve the results we had hoped for at Nationals this year.  We played McGill our first game and lost 4-2, they ended up getting an empty netter in the last minute of the game.  But, we gave it our all and kept them on their toes all game, so that is all we can ask for.  Playing a game against McGill truly is mentally and physically draining. You invest so much preparation into games like this and it is hard to re-focus for a game the following day. Nonetheless, our team re-cooped and began focusing on our next challenge.  

Again, although we gave it our all, we came up short, losing in a shootout against Queens University. Obviously not the start we would have liked.  We ended up playing our rivals, the Manitoba Bisons for 5th place and as a team we decided we did not want to end our season on a loss. So we took this game very seriously and ended up winning 5-2. 



As a 5th year student-athlete, it is hard to come to terms with the fact that our team couldn’t achieve a spot in the top 3, but we came to realize that this year we had the closest team ever. We all respected one another and there was no drama all year, which is somewhat unheard of in a female sport. So although we weren’t successful on the ice, we were successful off the ice and created some amazing friendships.  I am fortunate enough to finish my career off with something such as this. 


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