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Advice As We Head Into The First Semester


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I don’t regret a single day of myself being a division III NCAA athlete. The hard-work put behind it can be stressful, if not, just completely impossible at times. It can break you down into a million little pieces and make you question what you got yourself into. I keep myself busy with a lot on my plate. Not only am I an athlete with an insane practice schedule, but I am also a resident assistant with an insane work schedule. 

There are some days I stay up till three in the morning on a Thursday, and get up the next morning at 5:45 am to lift with my hockey team. My hours are not normal and they never end. Working and hockey are a part of my life now and I am quickly learning how to balance hockey, work, friends, and extracurricular activities all in one. 

One thing I have learned throughout my college experience is that the more work you have on your plate, the better you become at managing time and getting everything done. It disciplines me to become a better person on and off the ice. I’ve seen people with flimsy schedules that are not action packed with school activities that slack off because they don’t have enough structure. I am, by no means, saying that I stick to my schedule and do everything I am supposed to do for that day.  We are only human and we can only accomplish so much work in one day. 

My one word of advice as we dive into first semester is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Plan everything you are doing for the semester and know your schedule. 

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