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Adventures Continue for Brown in Austria


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Wow, what a week it has been! So much has happened in so little time. Most importantly, my chocolate addiction has been satisfied, but let’s start with last week. Last week, my new teammate, Eva, took my roommates and I to the top of the mountain in Salzburg. All I can say about the drive to the top is, anxiety attack. Once we got there though, I was in awe. One. I have never been this high up. Two. I thought my view from the castle of Salzburg was pretty. I was mistaken. This was gorgeous. I could see the castle from the top of the mountain and it looked like an ant. Aside from driving up and down the mountain, I was amazed. On Friday we left for training camp in Gmuden, a small town about an hour away from Salzburg. It was beautiful. The mountains were incredible. Unfortunately we did not have much time between training and team events to view the city. At training camp we played our first game vs. ESC Planegg on Saturday! Unfortunately we lost, but our team played really well! Oh, and I know my mother would kill me if I left out the fact that I scored. After the game we traveled back to Salzburg and hit the sack. Sunday, we left for Memmingem to play our second game. I really wanted to win this game because we were playing against two of my former teammates, Mary Restuccia and Jess Martino. Unfortunately, we were unable to pull off the victory, even though we almost scored to tie the game up with just seconds remaining. Our first weekend of games went well, and I cannot wait to play more games! 

This may not be exciting for you readers, but for me it was the best part of my week. I was finally able to hit up the gym! I got some great lifts in this week. Nothing feels as good as pumping out some chin-ups with a weight belt on. Call me crazy, but I have to make sure I can reset all of my records at Matrix when I return to America. In other news, I explored more of Salzburg this week, but we’ll get to that in moment. First, I must introduce you to Katrin.

Katrin stayed as an exchange student with my former teammate Meghan Grieves’ mother a few years back. The Grieves family was kind enough to introduce me to Katrin, who has been telling me all there is to know about Salzburg and the places to go. Last night, she was kind enough to invite me to her house for dinner. I met her and her awesome family. Katrin and her daughter Anna (9) are both chocolate addicts like me so there is no question that we will all get along very well. There is Markus, her husband, whom I swear is the identical twin of Daniel Craig. Anton (15) is the oldest child and his brother Ferdinand (14). For dinner, we had authentic Austrian food. We started with Kurbiscreme Suppe (Pumpkin Soup). It had some sort of pumpkin oil on top, which was delicious. They told me to stop lying about the delicious taste, but I really loved it! Then we had Zwerschken Knodel, which is a plum dumpling. I am still trying to figure out how to properly pronounce that. It was DELICIOUS! But, Markus told me that it is Austrian tradition that the guest has to eat the amount that all of the hosts eat, so I ate a lot of dumplings. I am still skeptical to the truth behind this statement, but the dumplings were so good that all is forgiven. We had a wonderful night, talking about the rules of hockey, the kid’s school, soccer, as well as looking at old pictures. Oh, and we talked about American food. I think this is hysterical. Their favorite American food is the burger. When I offered to cook something for them, their first request was a burger. Easy enough for me! Anyways, the night was brilliant, and I am so glad to have a friend in the city of Salzburg. 

Now for the exploring. Today, I traveled to the “Schranne”, which is a humongous farmers market. I was like a little kid who tasted cake for the first time. It was incredible. Meat, vegetables, bread, cheese, eggs, chocolate, fruit, and anything and everything else you can imagine. I also found the chocolate lady that Katrin recommended to me. I thought those truffles were good the other day. Nope, those truffles are good, but this chocolate was unbelievable. I have finally found the chocolate I have been looking for. I also got some eggs and plums, vegetables and lettuce. Oh, and I  picked up a piece of meat because I need some juicy red beef for my own sanity. I am an American after all. Next week, I will go back to the Schranne, but I will bring my big IKEA bag so I can carry everything more successfully than I did today. 

After the Schranne I came to Indigo, which is café that sells Sushi and Curry’s (again recommended by Katrin). I am in love. I got the chicken curry. I am definitely in love and will be returning here as well. It is a fun, hip little place, as you will see in some pictures. It is definitely the restaurant to come to on a rainy day like toady. Warm. Cozy, and delicious. So, after this week, with the help of a new friend, and some delicious chocolate, I am starting to get the hang of Salzburg and being thousands of miles from home. 

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