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ACAC Allstars Compete Against Team Alberta of CWHL

Almost February, how crazy is that? Valentine’s Day is coming up!!! (Sarcasm) Maybe I would feel different about it if I had a boyfriend, oh well!  

The month of January turned out to be quite good for myself and the NAIT Ooks! It was busy, and we were always on the go.

Our first round of league game since Christmas took place the second weekend of January against the Grant MacEwan Griffins! We played in their home barn on the Friday night leaving us with a tie, 1-1. The next night was different and our team decided to bring lots of energy which is why we ended up winning 6-2! It always feels good to beat your biggest rivalry. 

The following weekend brought us up against the SAIT Trojans. We hit the road on the Friday to Cowtown and came up with a 2-1 victory. It was a close one but we managed to pull through. Once again, there must be something about playing in our home rink, because we came focused and ready to play and it led us to a 5-1 win over the Trojans! 

The Ooks have had a hard month of practicing and workouts since we want to be top notch when playoffs role around. We’ve had some pretty intense workouts and there was one workout that left basically our whole team waddling around the school and rink. It was funny to see how sore everyone was and just the way they would walk down the stairs or sit down, but it was actually soooo painful! I felt sorry for those people who were behind me in the hallways or going up the stairs to class. By the second day of being in pain, the elevator was my best friend, no more stairs for this girl!

Some other exciting news from the Ooks is that the ACAC All-Star game was held this past weekend in Calgary at the WinSport Arena! The ACAC All Star players had a two game series against the CWHL’s Team Alberta! It was such a great experience where I, along with 6 other members of my team, got to share the moment together. Emma Sommerfeld, Jill Diachuk, Nicole Gregoire, Jody Rammel, Michelle Pochapsky and Ashley Rossi were my other teammates who were with me representing the NAIT Ooks! It was very neat to play with our opponents and see how we play together. Going from playing against each other all season to playing together for a weekend was so weird but it turned out to be a great opportunity. Now we are back to enemies!!! 

There really isn’t much else for news from the NAIT Ooks and myself. We get this weekend off which will be super nice to catch up on homework, cleaning around the house and I am sure there will be a few movies watched as well! I hope you all have a fantastic February and an early Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! 

Sherri Bowles #15, NAIT Ooks Women’s Hockey, @sherribowles


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