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A Weekend Trip to Paris, France


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Well this New Years started off with a bang…quite literally! I stayed in Zurich for the New Year, and it was an amazing experience. Every year the hotels in Zurich pay for a large display of fireworks to go off above the water. We got to the city around 10 pm and there must have been at least 500,000 people there. Many opted to go to the many bars along the water that host New Years parties, but since I didn’t want to spend money on a ticket, I stuck to the streets, which were filled with different outdoor bars and concerts. About fifteen minutes before midnight, the church bells rang out the old year and rang in the new one. After that the fireworks went on for about thirty minutes and they were some of the best I had ever seen! They were so big that when they went off it looked as though the sky and water turned whatever color they were.

After that, the season started back up, and we had two successful games to end the season before our break for the Olympic games. A best of five series starts up after the Olympics, and I am looking forward to what our team can do. Hopefully we can secure our fourth year running as Swiss League Champions. In the meantime we are working for ZSC and doing some instructing as well as coaching while we continue to practice with the girls on our team who aren’t going to the Olympics.

We do try to make the most of every opportunity though, and when we were granted a few days off this past weekend, we took a spur of the moment trip to Paris. Though every trip we have gone on has been amazing, I think Paris might be my favorite of all the places I have been to. We only spent two days there, but I think we could have won an award for most efficient tourists. We saw Notre Dame, went up the Eiffel Tower, walked around the Arc de Triomphe, went up and down Champs Elysees, went to the Louvre, Love Lock Bridge, and many more. By the end of our trip my feet hurt from walking so much, but it was all worth it to have seen the places I have heard so much about. Paris really lived up to it’s name!

Hopefully we will get some more time off soon to plan another trip, but in the meantime, hanging out in Zurich isn’t too shabby.

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