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A Northeastern Husky Takes on NYC!







What a month March has been, from a hectic class schedule, making it to playoffs and exceeding everyone’s expectations to now relaxing with teammates. As I stated in my last blog, we went pretty far in Hockey East playoffs, but as everything does… it came to an end. With that said post season started. We started with on-ice testing first doing the beep test, then the next day we did sprints and shuttles. We got the rest of the week off, then on Wednesday we started off-ice testing that consisted of cleans, squats, pull-ups, bench press, and grip strength. This post season testing is to see if over the season we lost our strength in some areas or if we need improve or are ok in others. My teammates did great, with both the on and off-ice testing. After testing you feel pretty sore for a while but it reminds me of how much you missed lifting (at least I do) and it gets you into the mood to start training again. 


Before we did the off-ice testing I decided with a couple friends – Sydney, and Julia who I also played with- to go on a little ‘vacation’ to New York City for the weekend. So last week on Friday 18th we left for the Big Apple. This would be the second time I have been to NYC but the first time I’ve been anywhere without my parents or friends for a weekend. I was pretty excited and it truly hit me when I booked the hotel Thursday night… nothing like waiting till the last minute, haha.  It all worked out well as we got a hotel room – that was surprisingly nice- and the bus ride wasn’t too bad… just long. We finally arrived in NYC lights are all around us; funny thing that wasn’t planned was that the hotel was a block away from Times Square! We go up to our room dropped off our luggage then went to a steak place right in Times Square. It was the best steak I have had in America, and that’s saying a lot because Alberta beef is one of the best beef going! However, back to NYC.  After eating we decided to stay around Times Square and go shopping at the stores there. We went into all of them from the well known M&M store to the Disney Store to the Oakley store all the way to Forever 21. All these stores and on the streets were packed with tourists from all over the world. We met some girls from France and some guys from Denmark. After shopping for a while we decided to take a break and sit on the well known red stands that are in the heart of Times Square and people watch. While just sitting and enjoying the beautiful day we looked at our watches and it was already 12:45am! We went back to the hotel to get some rest for a long day ahead.






My alarm goes off and I’m so excited I jump up into the shower to get ready for the day. We leave the hotel and hit up Starbucks because that’s the only place that has a short line to eat something quick… other than McDonald’s, but who wants to eat that stuff? – not me. Then we took the subway by the financial district and walked to get tickets to see the Statue of Liberty. We get the tickets and see a line we have to wait in, but we cant see the end.  We finally get to the end and there must be about 4 to 5 hundred people in front of us. Were thinking ‘why did we do this?’ But in the end we decided to stay inline. An hour and half later we’re on the fairy heading to the Statue of Liberty. We get off and take lots of pictures and walk around the island, then back on the fairy to Ellis Island. That was an amazing place to be. This is where all the immigrants had to pass through before getting into the United States. Just all the history on the island gave me the chills to know how many people passed through here, died here, and what all the immigrants had to go through to just start from scratch in the U.S. After Ellis Island we headed back to the mainland to get some lunch. Then it was off to Soho for lots of shopping! Before we got to Soho, a guy stopped us and sold us some comedy tickets that night. So off to Soho we go and we got some shoes, hats, and shirts. After shopping for about four hours it was time to walk to the comedy show just off of Broadway and 67th…yes a LONG walk from Soho…not the smartest decision we have made, haha. But we got to the Comedy show, got a good seat and what a funny show it was. Throughout the whole show I could not stop laughing. After the show we went to Grand Central Station. I sort of knew what to expect because you see it in the movies, but I was blown away when I saw it. One thing if you’re in NYC you HAVE TO go there because it’s one thing to see it in the movies, but it’s another to actually experience it first hand. After looking around and just taking in all the beauty of it all we headed back to the hotel and hit the hay for another long day ahead of us.  

Sunday morning we went to the largest Macy’s and tried on some cloths and dresses for my brother’s graduation this year, unfortunately I didn’t find anything. Next we decided to go to Central Park, which was breath taking…even though the trees weren’t green and nothing was alive, it just seemed so peaceful and calming in such a large city. After exploring for a bit we headed to Magnolia’s (it’s where Sex and the City eats their cupcakes and they are AMAZING!)  My favorite thing there is the banana pudding because inside the pudding are bananas and pieces of cupcake – so you get best of both worlds! If you ever go to NYC I recommend you going to Magnolia’s! After getting that we went to Rockefeller and took some pictures and went to the Lego store and other places around that area. 

Finally after a long couple days in NYC it was time to go back home to Boston. We arrive in the bus terminal and go to where our Peter Pan bus would be leaving. We got there early so we decided to sit down and relax, but the weird thing was that I saw this super long line from the door and so I went upstairs to ask when should we start to line up. Shockingly she said why are you not lined up already? Something I learnt is that with Peter Pan is that it doesn’t matter what time it says on your ticket because you can get on an earlier or later bus. In other words, we finally got in line and got onto a bus that left only 15 min later than our original time. The bus trip was great and I fell asleep and then next thing I know I see Boston’s skyline. It was about 12:30am when I got to my room, I dropped all my things and when my head hit that pillow I was out cold. 

After all my classes on Monday it really sunk in that I was in NYC last week, and after reflecting on all we did and what we bought I would do it again in a heart beat. This week of school went by pretty fast, and I decided I wanted to take another trip only this time it will be to see my old roommate Gabby in Washington DC. Northeastern offers a great co-op opportunity, which is where you attend University for five years instead of the traditional four, and during those five years you can work for companies specific or not to your major for 6 months, and you can do this for 2 or sometimes even 3 times. So Gabby is in DC right now and I have booked my flight to see her and DC… make it a double whammy. So I hope you guys will be excited for my next blog because it will most likely be all about DC, cant wait to write again!



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