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A New Season and A New Coach at Williams

A new season and a new coach, this year our team has every reason to be excited! November 1st brought about the beginning of regular season practices as per usual. They were difficult but fruitful and fun; and it is always interesting to feel the on ice atmosphere change from captains practices to coaches practices. And after two weeks of FBI skating and a couple of 6 am practices we were ready to play!

On November 18th it was time to break out the dress pants for our our home and season opener. Although it got off to an interesting start against Wesleyan we managed to continue on an upward slope throughout the weekend, ending our second game against them killing off a five on three with a one goal lead.

Despite dropping one game, the team and coaches felt positive about the end result. There were moments of beautiful hockey in both games and things that we all knew would improve with time, practice, and focus. 

After two days of thanksgiving feasting and family we got back to campus on Friday. It is pretty lonely aside from our teammates but its a great time to catch up on work, and by work I mean movies. Last night I spent three hours watching the Godfather with a teammate and now I am refreshing my Shrek knowledge. Now its time to take a break from conference play (and movie watching) as we hit the ice against Utica at 3 tomorrow. 


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