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A Group of 24 Freshmen at St. Norbert College Make History!

I’m sitting on an airplane and thinking back to my freshman year at college. At times, it felt like time couldn’t go by any slower, but on the other hand I can’t believe this year is already over.  When we first met as a team, we were just a group of 24 freshmen coming to make history. Well, we did, we were the first women’s hockey team at St. Norbert College, but I think all of us know that we didn’t accomplish what we had dreamed of.  It is disappointing, but we have to take into consideration that all of us were really inexperienced with what college hockey was all about. Next August, when I return as a sophomore (sounds so weird), we will have some freshman, but our team will be more experienced than last year, and we can get down to the real deal; actually winning the championship.

Our “off-season” work-outs started after spring break.  The ideal is to do our trainer’s workouts 5 times a week, and lift 3 times a week. I used to do conditioning workouts three times a week. We also did this competition with some of our teammates; the biggest loser. (Our team is not actually a bunch of overweight kids but just to get into “summer-shape” I guess). Everyone who wanted to join put down $10, there was ten of us so the winner gets $100! Our weigh in day was this Tuesday; I’m not sure who won yet. Most of us just kind of forgot about it, but it is a good way to try to keep track of training and staying in the athletic life even after the season.  

We also had to apply for new housing. This past year all of my teammates lived in three different freshman dorms. I got a job as Building Manager Assistant for the international houses on campus, and four other teammates will be living there with me. Gladly, all of us get a single room and we can make our own meals as the cafeteria on campus doesn’t always have the best choices. They are making a new cafeteria but it won’t be ready until our junior year, but it is supposed to be really fancy and high quality. I’m excited to get my own room, it is nice to have your own space, and you can just go in your room and lock the door behind you if you need to. 

Before I left, we had a meeting about summer training with our trainer. I’m excited to see what our team turns out to be next year, because this summer is going to determine a lot about our team structure for next year. The incoming freshman will be excited to play and prove that they earn a spot on the team so we sophomores need to work harder. I have been working at this Hotel/Spa’s restaurant as a kitchen assistant, and this summer I will be a waitress. I’m a little bit nervous about how that is going to work out but I guess we will find out! I will have to balance my summer well with seeing all my friends, family, working and working out. But I haven’t been home for a good 9 months, and I’m really excited to just be back in my home country. Summer is a great time to free your thoughts from studying and focus on working out and making money! I think all of us will be excited to come back for next season. 


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