05 July, 2017

How Well Are You Prepared to Win?

“Great Preparation Happens long before the Performance”

As the role of an athlete it is your job to be prepared for any type game situations, right?

So, to make it to the next level in whatever sport or business you must constantly ask, “How well are you prepared to win?”
From Dr. Michael Lardon and his book “Finding Your Zone” he states ‘ When we are well trained and meticulously prepared, we possess greater mental reserves allowing us to deal with the novel challenges of competitive environments.’ In other words, it is in your own ability to be prepared for all your competition which allows you to control and regulate your anxiety.

Bottom line here is are you prepared, trained enough to go into competition and be successful? If you can not answer this question quickly and honestly then you must return to your training and train harder.

As we have said before there is nothing wrong with failure because we can learn from it and then go onto be successful. We also need to learn to ask for help from others who have done it before. Knowledge is power if used the proper way and preparation gives us a greater knowledge.

But we need to ask ourselves these questions before we go into ‘battle’ for our next competition.
How can I prepare?
Who knows more then I do and how can I learn from them?
Am I fully trained?
What more can I do to be at my best?

Take your time answering these questions and I would love to hear from you!
Remember, be determined to go beyond your own boundaries!

Coach Nye


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