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  2. 2013-2014 Season Has Begun for the NAIT Ooks

2013-2014 Season Has Begun for the NAIT Ooks


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Happy October Followers!

I have already started to use my seat warmers which means that winter is coming, or that I am a huge suck! 

September was an awesome month just like I predicted in my last blog! The 2013-2014 season kicked off for the NAIT Ooks, I celebrated my 23rd birthday and I also went on an amazing trip to Toronto with my hockey team! 

My 23rd birthday was the most interesting birthday I’ve had! It was the NAIT Athletics Golf Tournament, and since I was feeling quite nice that day, I told the Athletic Staff I would wear the Ook Mascot for the morning to help out. So I was an Owl for the morning of my birthday but it was super fun! 

Toronto was an awesome experience, it’s so beautiful there too! It was really nice to play different teams and see what calibre they are at over there. Our first game was against University of Ontario Institute of  Technology and we ended up losing 1-0 in overtime. I thought we played really well considering we were up at 4 in the morning, traveling all day and then playing that night. Not too shabby! The following day we got off and toured down to Niagra Falls. I fell in love with that place. Everything about it was so neat and pretty, I didn’t want to leave! On the Friday we played York University and we came out on top with a 2-1 win! Saturday put us up against Ryerson University and we had another overtime loss with a score of 2-1. Our last game was against University of Toronto and we couldn’t pull off the win and ended up losing 3-2. As you can see, all of the games were very close and we were pretty evenly matched throughout all of our games. We worked on a lot of systems and changed up our lines every game just so our coaches could see how well we play with each other. 

September is the hardest month to get through I find. Getting back into the swing of things and starting school can be quite tough. Hockey is very busy since we need to get back into shape and get in game mode. Our season doesn’t start for another two weeks but we are usually playing 2-3 exhibition games a week. Along with that comes training, homework, fitness testing and even some fundraising! BUT, we made it! September is over and October has hit! I am so excited for our season to start. We have a great group of girls with a lot of talent. We definitely have a young team but the rookies are fitting in just fine which makes us even more amped for season! 

For my next blog I will be able to fill you in on our home opening weekend which is when we are getting our championship banner raised! I look forward to sharing the awesome moment with you! 🙂 Until next time…..

Sherri Bowles, NAIT Ooks Women’s Hockey #15 

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